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Cute Octopus Cookie Cutter and Stamp Set. Animal Cookie Cutter

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Looking for a fun and exciting way to add some creativity to your baking? Try our Cute Octopus Cookie Cutter and Stamp Set! This animal cookie cutter is perfect for adding a unique twist to your baked goods and is easy to use for both kids and adults. With its sturdy construction and durable design, our cookie cutter and stamp set will be a great addition to your baking collection. Prepare to impress your friends and family with your adorable octopus-shaped cookies!

This Cute Octopus cookie cutter is ideal for creating unique and custom cookies for baking gifts, cake top, party favors, and other occasions. It can also be used for cutting fondant. Every cookie cutter is 3D-printed with 100% food safe plastic.

This cookie cutter and stamp set is very easy to use: just simply cut your cookie and stamp on it. Dough and fondant will be easy to take out and not sticky anymore. With this cutter and stamp set, never worry about dough too thick or too thin. Cut and stamp as you want.

Optional upgrade:
Uniquely designed strong wall with a smoothly tapered edge. Upgrade options available. Recommended for large and xlarge cutters. Bye-bye to fragile cutters.

Material and Color:
Each cookie cutter is 3D printed with pure white food-safe PLA plastic. Actual color may vary.

Hand washes only. This cookie cutter is not dishwasher-safe. Avoid washing it with water temperature higher than 60 degrees (C) or 140 degrees (F).

The orange piece in the picture is a piece of sample fondant, not part of the cookie cutter and won't be shipped.

More Information
Occasion Baby Shower , Party Favor
Style cutter-stamp Set
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